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we all need a bit of illusion. sometimes.illusion 2


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do you think that if I removed my mask, would there be anything left? He asked.



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I mean…. micro… that special lens you need to see those little small things all around you.

Real macro photography is a rather spoilt animal… it wants special lenses, magnifying glasses, filters, rings, god knows what else. But there is another kind of macro photography which is not that interested in the accessories of your camera. it accepts it exactly as it is (refreshing, I know).

It’s that macro photography you put a bit of yourself in.


So you stir some attention with a pinch of patience. add some excitement. sometimes some doubt will inevitably be there (that’s ok. it also needs some space, poor thing).

And … shoot.

To be served with friends.

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when you enter a living room and see that grand piano throning there, you feel like asking the host, a bit ironically, and pulling a silly smile: “can you really play… that”?

Same if you’d suddenly noticed the helicopter in your neighbour’s garden: “can you really drive that?”.

Well, this doesn’t quite happen when it comes to photography. “Anybody can push a button, huh?”- is more like what we’d have in mind when it comes to shooting (photos).

“in reality, photography, piano playing or helicopter driving have an awful lot in common”, said he. He is my very charming (how else) Irish photography teacher. And continued: “you can master indeed everything… if you spared about 10.000 (ten thousand) hours to practice it”.

That felt actually like a relief… so it’s just about practicing…. I could leave all the existential questions of the smart type “am I good enough?” at the side for the time being…. at least until the 10.000 photography hours are up.

life is fun tastic

What else did I get from yesterday’s class?

a technical tip…. just in case you’d consider doing some photography with me for the next 4 days:

get in the aperture priority mode, set the aperture to the minimum ( possibly f: 5.6) zoom it all out and shoot at things you want to have in foreground with a blurred background. You don’t know what to shoot at?

It doesn’t really matter: just open your eyes. beauty… or ugliness (as a matter of fact) is everywhere. waiting to get your attention;)

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