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do you think that if I removed my mask, would there be anything left? He asked.




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I came back from Romania recharged.

what did it to me?

  • some random books about psychologists ( “lying on the couch”- yalom), gays (“confessions of a mask“- mishima), and lawyers on the path (“the temple of dawn“- by the same mishima). Disclaimer: any link you might find between the above may say more about your own mind than of others’.
  • an author I started loving: Andrei Plesu. because he’s warm and graceful and fatherly tells you that’s more than fine to have doubts, and (without sounding like a looser) that the journey is more important than the destination… and much more ( you might want to have a look at “despre frumusetea uitata a vietii”. I’m not sure it’s translated in English. But it’s worth learning Romanian to be able to read this book. and I mean it).
  • and, of course, family did it. And especially the optimism of my granny who was happily baking all the goodies for her beloved grandchild (me) and invited the same grandchild to have brandy for breakfast, wine for lunch, and some more brandy and wine every now and then “with the goodies”.
  • Easter. I mean: food. lots of it. 

Yummmm, break was good. Tell me yours was good too.

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