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photo studio

who needs it anyways?

found my student lamp and a black coat. bought myself some flowers and played a bit.

hope you like it.


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I’ve got a good habit these days. Yes, yet another one: I’m taking my photo camera with me no matter where I go.

And the place where I usually go (almost every day), exciting as it is: it’s work.

Don’t worry- cause not that far from work, there is a park. And this Friday…. well, this Friday, I’ve been just there when the first leaf turned rusty. And, yes, thanks to the new (good) habit, I had my camera with me.

just another leaf

So, I took the picture. However, “the” leaf looked a bit too much as “just another leaf”. Long leaf Photoshop Elements. With a bit of saturation and crop it became this:

rusty leaf


 Lots of colour to your Sunday too! And yes, you can share it with me too.

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