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do you think that if I removed my mask, would there be anything left? He asked.




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back to life

It’s been a while. And I’ve missed you.

Detail from a Ruben's painting displayed at Brussels' art museum (Bozar). I was tempted to get in by the expo's name: "sensation and sensuality: Rubens and his legacy". Honestly it didn't produce me such great sensations. As to the sensuality- Roubenesque indeed.

Detail from a Ruben’s painting displayed at Brussels’ art museum (Bozar). I was tempted to get in by the expo’s name: “sensation and sensuality: Rubens and his legacy”. Honestly it didn’t produce me such great sensations. As to the sensuality- Roubenesque indeed.

Hope you’ve missed me too. As badly as to still follow me now that I’m changing a little bit the profile of this blog.

No worries, I’ll still bluesky. But, at least for the time being (today) I am quite interested in art. And I thought we could explore it together. Exploring is a big word. I’m actually just curious about fun things about artists, things that make them “human”. So that, looking at them as human beings, I could allow myself to get inspired and who knows, to also make “art”. Or at least to experiment with being creative without bothering too much if what I’m doing is any good. What the humanity of an artist has to do with me getting courage to do my creative things?

Well, I don’t know which coutry are you coming from and how is it there, but in my country there is a general “feeling” that artists are geniuses. That art or creativity hit them one good day and they made art happily ever after. Therefore, me- a simple mortal- I should rather continue doing my mortal things and leave artists be the creative ones.

How is it in your case? Also got the impression that “I’ve got no talent, so what can I do? Better leave it to the gifted ones”?

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The most common excuse for not being creative is probably: ” I don’t have time” (and if you’re the



rational type… you’d also add: “for such non-sense”).

This little post is just to show that sometimes you only need 5 minutes to transform something ( for better or for worse): a tea-box into a pencil-holder, for example.


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when you enter a living room and see that grand piano throning there, you feel like asking the host, a bit ironically, and pulling a silly smile: “can you really play… that”?

Same if you’d suddenly noticed the helicopter in your neighbour’s garden: “can you really drive that?”.

Well, this doesn’t quite happen when it comes to photography. “Anybody can push a button, huh?”- is more like what we’d have in mind when it comes to shooting (photos).

“in reality, photography, piano playing or helicopter driving have an awful lot in common”, said he. He is my very charming (how else) Irish photography teacher. And continued: “you can master indeed everything… if you spared about 10.000 (ten thousand) hours to practice it”.

That felt actually like a relief… so it’s just about practicing…. I could leave all the existential questions of the smart type “am I good enough?” at the side for the time being…. at least until the 10.000 photography hours are up.

life is fun tastic

What else did I get from yesterday’s class?

a technical tip…. just in case you’d consider doing some photography with me for the next 4 days:

get in the aperture priority mode, set the aperture to the minimum ( possibly f: 5.6) zoom it all out and shoot at things you want to have in foreground with a blurred background. You don’t know what to shoot at?

It doesn’t really matter: just open your eyes. beauty… or ugliness (as a matter of fact) is everywhere. waiting to get your attention;)

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I like to imagine a coach as being there to support clients bring more creativity in their day-to-day lives. To me creativity is that spark which drives the client do something because it is interesting, involving, exciting, satisfying, challenging. Creativity has little to do with a particular action or kind of work. But it has everything to do with the attitude, with the quality of the consciousness he/she invests in that particular action. It has everything to do with the way the work is being done.

I therefore believe that the way one feels about what one does very much depends on the mental qualification one gives to his actions. This very quality of creative “re-framing” can be well supported during the coaching process.

Patterns such as negative thinking, overly-criticism towards himself but also in relation with the others can be healed when the client is supported in coming up with creative solutions.  It is therefore important to deliberately “invite” creativity into one’s thinking process.

I particularly like Edward de Bono’s method of “thinking hats” to support the “bringing the spark back” process.

“Think about a specific issue you want to focus on”. De Bono names this step as the white hat.

Relax a moment, take a deep breath and connect to yourself. What’s the gut feeling about the respective challenge?” –this is de Bono’s red hat for intuitive thinking.

 “What is stopping you from achieving that?” ; Where is the mismatch?”- this is the black hat for critical thinking.

 “What will be the benefits of achieving (or not achieving) that?”- this is the yellow hat for positive thinking.

“What can you do about that and by when?” – this is the green hat for creative thinking in order to stimulate seeing things from different perspective). 

This is one of the many methods of bringing more creativity in one’s life. Give it a go. Bring that spark back in everything you’re doing!

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just posted the link below on my facebook profile. because I found the message inspiring; ok, and I sort of know and like the guy (if you are in brussels, go once to the imagination club; good things might “happen” to you there).

Well, the video is more about coming up with creative solutions in the business context. By asking creative questions… in the same business context (preferably).

Go on, listen to it.

It can be quite refreshing to use this tool in daily life, I’d say.

Instead of wondering “how would I survive this Monday/interview/meeting/my dog/my boss/the snow/my mother in law/my moody boy_girl-friend”

one could ask him/herself things like:

– what can make my Monday/interview/meeting the most exciting/sparkling/ground-braking Monday/interview meeting of 2012? (keeping in mind that once you’ve achieved that you might very well want to relax about it until, the end of the year – at least.)


– what can make my dog/my boss (you might very well inverse the enumeration)/my mother in law/my boy_girl-friend beareble/as cuddly as it gets (not sure it’s applicable to all though)/hummmmmm (again… not sure it’s generally applicable). Or what can I do to get the best/most exciting/wildest/passionate/tamed/civilised part in each of these … beings? – again, I’d say it might be important to mix and match with some care.

as for the “snow” question…. I could suggest the darth vader solution.

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