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– why aren’t you a real egg (like he is)?

be an egg

be an egg- 1st attempt


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do you think that if I removed my mask, would there be anything left? He asked.



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back to life

It’s been a while. And I’ve missed you.

Detail from a Ruben's painting displayed at Brussels' art museum (Bozar). I was tempted to get in by the expo's name: "sensation and sensuality: Rubens and his legacy". Honestly it didn't produce me such great sensations. As to the sensuality- Roubenesque indeed.

Detail from a Ruben’s painting displayed at Brussels’ art museum (Bozar). I was tempted to get in by the expo’s name: “sensation and sensuality: Rubens and his legacy”. Honestly it didn’t produce me such great sensations. As to the sensuality- Roubenesque indeed.

Hope you’ve missed me too. As badly as to still follow me now that I’m changing a little bit the profile of this blog.

No worries, I’ll still bluesky. But, at least for the time being (today) I am quite interested in art. And I thought we could explore it together. Exploring is a big word. I’m actually just curious about fun things about artists, things that make them “human”. So that, looking at them as human beings, I could allow myself to get inspired and who knows, to also make “art”. Or at least to experiment with being creative without bothering too much if what I’m doing is any good. What the humanity of an artist has to do with me getting courage to do my creative things?

Well, I don’t know which coutry are you coming from and how is it there, but in my country there is a general “feeling” that artists are geniuses. That art or creativity hit them one good day and they made art happily ever after. Therefore, me- a simple mortal- I should rather continue doing my mortal things and leave artists be the creative ones.

How is it in your case? Also got the impression that “I’ve got no talent, so what can I do? Better leave it to the gifted ones”?

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December last year, during one of the dark cold evenings, it stroke me that I was writing without having actually anything to share.

first drawing on the right side of the brain (after Picasso's Portrait of Igor Stravinksy)

first drawing on the right side of the brain (after Picasso’s Portrait of Igor Stravinksy)

I was writing because I was hoping you to read me and sort of fill the gap of my nothingness to share.

Sort of “I’m giving you some empty boxes. But please, pleeeeaaase pretend that they are filled with something”. Of value.  Preferably.

But it doesn’t really work that way, does it?

Empty boxes are just empty boxes. Better spare myself the wrapping time.

Which I sort of did for this long while.

But I’ve been missing you and I’m happy the spring is back here. And that I’ve got some new little projects in my mind that I want to share with you.

The first one is learning to draw. And I’ve started with a book on “drawing on the right side of the brain” by Betty Edwards.

It’s quite something to see what you’re able to do when you:

1) find some time to do what you want to do;

2) don’t expect anything;

3) see things as they are instead of how you think they are suppose to be. In this respect, giving some consideration to the right side of the brain may help.

Have a look at the drawing above. It’s an upside-down drawing. Which means that I did the drawing while looking at a copy of the original which was printed upside down. My drawing was therefore also made upside down. I’ve only turned it right side up at the very end. That helped me switch my rational part of the brain off and activate more the visual part (the right side of the brain). That made me “un-aware” of what I was really doing (besides simply copying the lines I was seeing on the upside down copy). The outcome … you can see by yourself . I’m quite happy of it, as you can sense.

If you wish, give it a go. Turn any drawing upside-down and copy the lines you see.

Have fun!

And if you feel, share the outcome with me.

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I mean…. micro… that special lens you need to see those little small things all around you.

Real macro photography is a rather spoilt animal… it wants special lenses, magnifying glasses, filters, rings, god knows what else. But there is another kind of macro photography which is not that interested in the accessories of your camera. it accepts it exactly as it is (refreshing, I know).

It’s that macro photography you put a bit of yourself in.


So you stir some attention with a pinch of patience. add some excitement. sometimes some doubt will inevitably be there (that’s ok. it also needs some space, poor thing).

And … shoot.

To be served with friends.

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in a random bar in brussels, an old lady with an antique-looking, silver tone necklace was chatting with a bunch of “artists”. The little old lady was more of the grandma type. the one you’d see with her puddle dog in the park around the corner.

While my mind was building up stories about her and the bunch of artists, she left the bar.

On the way out she looked at me and gave me the warmest smile you could think of. I melt. And melting was also the feeling that I was watching TV- a movie with the little old lady and the “artists”. The contact with her created a sort of bridge to reality. It made the link between my world and the world of the little old lady with the victorian-style necklace. The connection brought me there, in the moment.

Me was happy. Smiling is good.

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what can be more romantic than a trip to the castle, on a beautiful sunny week-end, through the woods.

And by bike…

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