I once thought of a project about “one emotion a day” expressed in photographs. Don’t worry that would not happen- too lazy for it:)



i thought I’ll restart writing a bit on this blog. meanwhile however a friend of mine asked me if I could take part in her project: untitled-73-21000 faces of happyness and I was happy to say yes. I’m writing quite a bit there. but in Romanian (so good reason to learn this melodious language, hum?).

for today, just wanted to share with you my new drawing.

and to make you courios about a new project I thought of. if everything goes fine I’ll let you know about it soonish.


new drawing

I’m not drawing for such a long time. In fact, until 3-4 years ago I was convinced I cannot draw a proper straight line- it still SONY DSCamazes me at times that I can do it. So I better not think about it too much.

Being such a new hobby it fascinates me how you can “do something out of nothing”. I don’t have any memories of me as a child discovering the world. But I imagine it’s pretty much a similar feeling. Of wonder and enthusiasm- I draw a circle, draw some lines and some shades and the brain is recomposing the rest- giving you the feeling that you are seeing actually a person in that mix of lines and shades.

So this is my last drawing after a photo by Raymond Patrick. Hope you’ll like it and share with me your own little awe moments. Have a lovely week-end.

back to life

It’s been a while. And I’ve missed you.

Detail from a Ruben's painting displayed at Brussels' art museum (Bozar). I was tempted to get in by the expo's name: "sensation and sensuality: Rubens and his legacy". Honestly it didn't produce me such great sensations. As to the sensuality- Roubenesque indeed.

Detail from a Ruben’s painting displayed at Brussels’ art museum (Bozar). I was tempted to get in by the expo’s name: “sensation and sensuality: Rubens and his legacy”. Honestly it didn’t produce me such great sensations. As to the sensuality- Roubenesque indeed.

Hope you’ve missed me too. As badly as to still follow me now that I’m changing a little bit the profile of this blog.

No worries, I’ll still bluesky. But, at least for the time being (today) I am quite interested in art. And I thought we could explore it together. Exploring is a big word. I’m actually just curious about fun things about artists, things that make them “human”. So that, looking at them as human beings, I could allow myself to get inspired and who knows, to also make “art”. Or at least to experiment with being creative without bothering too much if what I’m doing is any good. What the humanity of an artist has to do with me getting courage to do my creative things?

Well, I don’t know which coutry are you coming from and how is it there, but in my country there is a general “feeling” that artists are geniuses. That art or creativity hit them one good day and they made art happily ever after. Therefore, me- a simple mortal- I should rather continue doing my mortal things and leave artists be the creative ones.

How is it in your case? Also got the impression that “I’ve got no talent, so what can I do? Better leave it to the gifted ones”?

give the inner artist a chance

inspiring article about drawing.

drawing is not about having talent. it’s about seeing or learning how to see again. about discovering the beauty of the moment. about taking the time to see where the beauty is coming from, what is it really about, breaking it into pieces, filtering it through your own being, extracting its juice. yummmm

metro time

metro timeI like metro stations.

I used to like airports. I once spent 2 days in an airport. With an ex-boyfriend who forgot he needed a visa for Germany and got stranded at Frankfurt airport. I “sacrificed” and spent 2 days with him wandering on terminal 1. We slept on a bench covered with his sleeping bag. That was when our relationship was at its best.

But getting back to my current love for the metro and metro stations. I like it because it all happens very quickly. One metro comes, other is leaving. Little pieces of stories are going on. Replaced by others.

it can be lonely downthere

it can be lonely downthere

When I very much like a movie I prefer jumping to the end to see how it finishes. Afterwards I can get back and truly enjoy it. I’m relaxed. It’s nice. In metro stations I don’t have time to think that I want to see how it ends. So I pay attention.

I’m relaxed. I am present. That’s nice.



I’ve spent today about four hours in a psychiatric hospital.

An abandoned one. So don’t worry: I’m fine.

Or relatively fine. Because I still feel weird 6 hours after my “photo-shooting”

the ballroom. probably

the ballroom.

It was something like a 19 century-type psychiatric hospital. With beautiful pink flowery tapet on the walls, little, “cozy” rooms with light plastic curtains “protecting” the corners where the private sinks (and possibly toilets) were.”Hi, I’m here” little scribblings on the walls.  2001 magazines with happy Belgian princess announcing the birth of the throne heir.

Oh and some syringes forgotten on some tables. Some photographers before me had the great sense of humor to fill them with some red stuff ( hopefully it was the photographers who did that…brrr if not).

The howling wind inside and happy birds singing outside…

Well pretty much everything was screaming: “get the f…uck out of there”.

Which I did. Perhaps a bit later than I wanted to.

Now … well I’m happy with the pics. Abandoned buildings with stories to tell are more than photogenic. Still, on top of the weird feelings I had while being there, I also felt a bit like an intruder. Some very “personal” lives happened there. While me I went there to take cool pics.  Which might show that I’m a cool person. The redder the stuff in the syringe the better.

So, more generally I’m wondering a bit about “the responsibility of art”. I Know “responsibility” sounds like s…hit.

Still, little question for you too: to what extend should we actually be more sensitive about what we’re  “expressing”? Is the following question a “meaningful” question when we talk about art?: “does what I express make this word a better place?”

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