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zoom it all out. get into autofocus mode (of your camera- preferably).

find (your) flexible spot. move it to the wished area of focus;  experiment on the way- who says that the initial focus should be “The focus”, anyway?




good things might happen when you (dare)… discover your flexible spot.

or not.


but at least you tried;)


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Let the music be. Each note is searching for harmony.

And until it finds it, it might well sound like the beginning of the concert in Mihaileanu’s movie.

Once the music comes in, it touches, it tells stories.

Sometimes, it makes stories.

– “c’est qui cette poule. elle viens de ou?”

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lazy sunday

with madeleine peyroux.

I really love female vocal jazz of the Peyroux sort. I would also include here names such as: Stacey Kent, Diana Krall or Lisa Ekdahl.

I’m calling this sort of jazz: the purring cat jazz ( yes, I adore cats; and yes, I’m aware some smart asses will come up with the “right” denomination of this particular style. btw: I’d be curious).

until then… enjoy. and a little question:

what is heaven to you?

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nature boy

well, the lyrics of this song are sort of  following me lately.

the song is rather old. by Eden Ahbez.  published in 1947. It tells a fantasy of a “strange enchanted boy… who wandered very far” only to learn that “the greatest thing… was just to love and be loved in return”.

I like it played by Lisa Ekdhal. She’s Swedish. has a sort of smooth-sweet-jazzy voice which warms my heart ( and I do need this on this rather miserable weather).

So, what warms your hearts these days?

… need some inspiration.

as a matter of fact.

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