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we all need a bit of illusion. sometimes.illusion 2


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– why aren’t you a real egg (like he is)?

be an egg

be an egg- 1st attempt

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do you think that if I removed my mask, would there be anything left? He asked.



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I once thought of a project about “one emotion a day” expressed in photographs. Don’t worry that would not happen- too lazy for it:)


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The brain wave

Tim had a brain wave today.

A rather biggish one.

It came with the thick smell of rusty leaves. During one of the laziest, autumny surprisingly sunny and pleasent Brussels days ( you may understand that Tim is not necessarily used to sunny, non-rainy days in Brussels).

The brain wave came during the lunch break. During a laid-back chat with a friend.

And Tim did understand that his pursue for happiness is a bit of a contradiction in terms: cause Tim cannot “pursue happiness” and, in the same time, “be” happy. As simple as that. It’s like saying that walking to the beach is the same as being tanned.

There is also a bit of a (very male-like) cause/effect confusion. It is sort of a yang (male) type of thinking according to which “if i fulfill all the criteria”  as required, point by point, I will necessarily get what I was promised. In other words, if I do x, y and z, I’ll get w.

simply happy

Tim is not sure anymore that things work quite like it.

He is not sure therefore that if he does his sports and meditation, finds the dream-job, gets married, has 4 babies ( or god know what else, if he buys a bigger car and wins lottery, or becomes superman), if after all that he would necessarily be happy.

To cut the story short, that’s what Tim’s brain wave was about: he doubts that happiness is about having a plan.

He took a picture on Sunday at Flagey which very much resembles the idea of happiness.

Do you think that the little girl planned to be happy?

If you have photos or blog entries about such “brain waves” , please do share them with me. I’ll pass them on to Tim. Trust me on that.




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we might meet in a while

would I feel more “me” when we’ll meet?

or perhaps I’d be completely lost in you?

you might be the solution to all of my problems, though

(yes, sure: of all of them)

But what if you departed again?

(you seem rather fickle. and all addicted to light)

How could I then be “me” again? Huh?

Tim thought that the right-side shade ( yes, that one in the photo- cause hers were all these worries) was over-thinking it a little bit.

He took a deep breath and walked his way.

What does the trick for you when start worrying too much? For Tim the breath does it. Almost every time.

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Who’s Tim?

Tim is a red-haired,  rather sensitive guy.

With freckles. Not that many.

With a purpose. And a plan.

A three steps plan.

The other day, on Thursday, Tim decided to be happy.

Now, happiness is something people like me thought of before.

But Tim made more than think of it:

He Decided.

Just like that: “Tim you’re going to be a happy man”

A little bit of a squeaky voice bothered him though. He told me.

Cause he was not that sure about what made him happy.

Really really, authentical, fully, deeply happy.

That’s why he had to decide to be happy. Once decided, he also realised that he needs a plan.

A plan in three steps:

Step 1: find out what makes Tim happy

Step 2: Tim does a bit of what makes him happy. Every day…

Step 3: Tim is happy.

I was rather impressed by Tim and his determination.

So, I’ll dedicate this blog entry (and quite some more to come) to him.

And his search for happiness.

I also have a first message from him to you: he asked me to thank you for supporting him in “full feeling” his purpose.

And that any ideas about what could he start with are welcome.

So , what made you happy today?

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