How are you?

Where have you been?
I have been hiding. Initially it felt like the honest thing to do. I felt I didn’t really have something to share anymore, you know? Then I started a mad and often frustrating search for… myself: self enquiry, meditation, who am I, focusing on the breath, attending to satsangs, meeting non-dual masters, getting tired, starting to feel that all this in (finally) going somewhere, feeling more and more a sense of gratitude, and then moments of lack of meaning, feeling tired again, more listening to non-dual teaching. Like this.


And now?

Now silence is here. But, shhuush. I’m a bit afraid to speak about her. What if she’s veiling again? It does this, you know: she simply pulls its blanket up and I feel left out, all on my own.

Oh, no. We don’t want you to have the blanket slammed in your face. We can keep quite. Welcome back.


And you, my friends, how have you been all this time?



untitled-153 untitled-198

photo studio

who needs it anyways?

found my student lamp and a black coat. bought myself some flowers and played a bit.

hope you like it.



we all need a bit of illusion. sometimes.illusion 2

– why aren’t you a real egg (like he is)?

be an egg

be an egg- 1st attempt

the mask

do you think that if I removed my mask, would there be anything left? He asked.



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